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Eurorec S.r.l.

VAT No: IT02514590302
REA No: UD - 266995
Mechanographic No: UD034018
Regional Authorization no.: TS04930

Viale dell’Unione Europea n.17,
33017 Tarcento (UD), ITALY
Phone: + 39 0432 785239


EUROREC S. r. l. operates in the waste recovery sector.  We are basically involved in the collection, separation and shredding of wasted materials, with particular emphasis to:

Waste tires recycling
- Tyre wire scrap

Metal waste recycling
(Ferrous & Non-ferrous metals scrap).

We continuously research for new business ideas, operating to find environmental solutions for plants interested in developing new markets.

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We work to reduce the environmental impact due to the industrial activity, believing  that every refuse can be brought to a new life.
We collect waste materials ferrous and non-ferrous scrap generally destined to disposal, preparing it for the recycling process.

We believe that our small but constant contribution can help to build a cleaner and safer world.




Our core business is to market waste materials, such as waste tires, rubber chips, tire wire scrap coming both from the shredding and the combustion of wasted tires, acting always in conformity with the international laws.
We mainly collaborate with European plants who are involved and authorized to collect, handle and recycle waste materials (ex. Metal, Rubber waste etc.). We act together with our partners to be flexible but effective, to satisfy the challenges that the current global markets require.
We are mainly focused on new emergent markets, dealing with OCDE countries (South Korea, Japan, North America), or coutries who have approved the importation of specific scraps from Europe, according to EU law No. 1418_2007, 740_2008 and 837_2010 .

We are regular suppliers of  pyrolysis plants, foundries, steel industries and refineries which collect and treat scrap materials.
Our goal is always selling at the best market conditions, providing a punctual and high technical profile service.



We provide a personalized and specialized service, thanks to the support provided by our skilled and qualified employees, able to manage and evaluate the changes that the international markets highlight day by day. 
Our main goal is to satisfy our clients furnishing a rapid and highly professional service
We act in strict compliance with the international laws which regulate the transboundary movements of wastes (ex. Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council, DGFT Regulation ect)




"Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them"
                                  John Updike